Hello, I'm Martin,
a grapic designer
& entrepreneur

About Me

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.


Hi, I'm Martin, I'm 22 and currently, I'm a student at Mendel University in Brno. And I'm trying to do a little business. In my life, I have already created a few of my projects, which were mainly in what I enjoy doing. Because it is the most important thing - do what you enjoy or what you love. Thanks to this I created, for example, Foodify, which deals with minimization of leftovers in restaurants, creative agencies in CZ and UK and much more.

What I do

I'm trying to find myself in every idea and make it simply better.

  • Graphical works

    Do you need website design, new logotype or some prints? No problem, everything I can offer and do it for you.

  • Photography & video

    Photo & video with me since I was a child. From my 12 years, I'm interested in video edits and until these days I'm producing some videos (mostly for websites). Anyway, more often you'll see me taking some pictures.

  • Website development

    More than 8 years of experiences in the building of websites. Mostly I'm doing websites on Wordpress (due to administration) with the minimum number of additional plugins.

  • Investments & Project consultations

    Do you have a new project in ready-to-release to market or just an idea? No problem, I can consult to you your ideas or project and if I will very interested, I can offer an investment into your project.

  • Other stuff

    I'm doing a lot more than is written upper. For example, I'm a founder of Digital Brand in the UK, mining some bitcoins, trading Forex and trying to travel around the world. Just feel free to ask about anything. :)